Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BZ BZ Dayssss

Ahhhhh feeling somewhat exhausted lately...piles of works/ARs and busy baby-sitting last week. But i felt happy baby-sitting our little sweetheart =) great bonding time *sobz miss her badly now* how I wish i could see her everyday sigh!!

Had not have much time to check out blogs as well..its time to catch up. Sigh guess i am desperately needing a vacation...but when?? no clue -_-"


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My 1st Lush Soap - Coalface

Oh finally I get to try this soap which I've long read about its many good reviews on how well it helps clearing many's problematic/oily/acne/clogged pores skin =P Many thanks to Datuk Chu who's kind enough to get it for me all the way from States hehe =P

Here, its the first time I've ever seen a soap being wrapped this way lol...looks like wrapped in an old newspaper haha. So, how it actually looks like *WARNING* it looks weird/ugly LOLTADA...weird ey!! told u haha. Looks like a charcoal ey. It doesn't only look weird BUT it smells WEIRD too -_-" I was expecting something maybe smells like a charcoal?? But guess what...I personally feel it kinda smells like get me right URINE iuuuuuuuu how on earth am I gonna use it on my face O.o But if it works for me I wouldn't mind =PAlso, what with the weird shape of the soap!!!! According to Datuk Chu...when he initially asked for the soap in the Lush store, the salesperson brought him one big round piece of black color thingy saying "here, this is the Coalface soap you're requesting" color soap which looks the size of a pan of cheese cake Errrrrrrrrr...Guess how much they're selling for that one big piece of charcoal-lookalike thingy?? USD54 for 1 pound GOSHHHHH

So, what you're seeing here is actually a piece of it..haha like how you normally cut your birthday cake into pieces. They will cut exactly how big chunk you want then measure the weight and calculate the price based on the weight. Interesting right =D
Another interesting part of it, I found this sticker at the bottom of it. Wow, they even let you know who made this piece of soup and when it's made *Great* Oh btw, all their soaps are handmade =) Well well how could this ugly black piece of thingy with awful smell be so interesting haha..

The actual size of it on my palm. This piece of thing costs me around USD9 which is around RM32. Pricey I know...this is considered pricey to people in the States too (Their stuffs are normally cheap and affordable so a small piece of soap selling at USD10 is considered pricey...WTF I am emo again, nothing's cheap here. Petrol price increasing again WTF) Calm down calm down *namo namo ommmmmmmmmm*
But well, if this piece of thing works well for's worth every penny spent =D opss, i made short story long again...why lah so popomama me...gee

Friday, May 28, 2010

What a Barbarian

Today on my way back from Youth Park...I witnessed an extremely awful barbarian ( word could explain how angry I was when I saw what the f**king barbarian did) at a shop selling 'Bak Kut Teh' @ Gottlieb Road. The shop is just opposite New Bob building next to Peng Hua Primary School.

That f**king Idiot/Barbarian kicked a little kitten so hard that the kitten "flew" and bang the wall. Flew/rolling whatsof**kingever. what made me more angry was, that Idiot burst out laughing when he saw the poor little kitten bang on the wall. WTF have you no brain or what?????

I am glad that I am never a customer to that f**king shop and I really hope it closed down one day. I know there're countless of animal abuse cases everywhere but damn it I just can't take it to witness such horrifying acts. Those poor animals are already pitiful enough to be homeless and a lot of time become victims under vehicles' wheel. But what can we do?? all I hope is less and less or none (somewhat impossible) of the people abandon their pets and the number of wild animals would decrease...haiz

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I shall visit Watson/Guardian no more @ "Lion City" now =P And goshhh...staying at Orchard Road is a "disaster" my bank account *sobz sobz*

As you'd already knew how many shopping malls on this "happening road" itself. Visiting Watson/Guardian here is even more disastrous to me =( They have soooooo many brands that I can't help myself but walked in each time I spotted one SIGH. Especially Watson, they have skin79, Dr. Wu, Dr. Jart, Borjouis....and many many more (sorry all are cosmetics brands lol)*damn excited*

There're many moments that this one thought came into my mind when I was paying for the stuffs *how i wish i am earning their $$* Why??? cause some stuff that I need to pay around Rm100 back home...they can get it around $20 here WTF. So if you compare it 1 to 1, their stuff is so damn cheap here and much more affordable *properties not counted of cos haha* But heck, as if houses in PG is cheap WTF. Ahhhhhh...I feel so imbalance now =S

Friday, May 7, 2010

Thing I hate the most when listening to FM in car

This is happening so frequently that i got really pissed off day by day. Everytime while I was listening to some interesting talk or my favourite song through the FM, there'll sure be some f**kin idiots driving around me who tune their MP3 receiver to the same FM channel. I end up missed some parts of the talk or worst case "forced" to listen to their songs if the car was behind me for a long distance...DAMN IT!!

I really don't understand, why the heck.. can't they tune to some other frequency that is not in use or at least not one that is well known and popular. DUHHHHHHH

Friday, April 30, 2010

Long Awaited Shows finally arrrived

HURRAY...two great shows in a same week. My looooong awaited movies are finally here =D Guess I don't have to say which shows, everyone just knew kekeke. Here, some wallpapers...eye-candy for you muahaha =P
So, I decided to go for Iron Man first...tonight midnight show =S hope I won't pass out tomorrow as i still need to catch an early morning bus. No choice, all earlier shows FULLY BOOKED gee. And I can't wait till next week LOL.

While for Ip Man, will bring my parents along once I am back to PG next week. My dad is a fan of Ip Man too kekeke. Frankly speaking, I am a BIG BIG fan of Donnie Yen since I was really small...he's been my idol for a long long time and I could consider myself growing up with his movies *shy shy*

Hope everyone enjoy the shows and Happy Loooong weekend =D

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Go Away...damn it

I am tired...I am sleepy...I am exhausted but I can't sleep...damn it. It's been a few sleepless nights. The stuck nose + itchy throat...ohhhh it is just soooo annoying. Goshh I of the thing I hate the most is getting sore throat. I rather get ten times of fever but soar-throat.....NO THANKS!!!

Goshhhhhhhh...all I want is just a good sleep. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR *_*